Swedish Girl Flies Down To India To Marry Facebook Friend In UP Whom She Added In 2012

Back in 2021, Facebook was less complicated. It was a medium to reconnect with old friends and make new ones living anywhere in the world. And some of us used to randomly accept friend requests from strangers just to increase the number on our friend-list.

Probably the same thing happened with Christen Liebert from Sweden and Pawan Kumar from Uttar Pradesh. The two added each other on Facebook back in 2012.

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After constantly chatting, they soon fell in love with each other and decided to get married. So after 10 years of being ‘Facebook Friends’, Christen flew down to India to marry Pawan, reported Deccan Herald.

Pawan is currently an engineer after having completed his B.Tech degree in Dehradun. Their wedding ceremony took place in Prema Devi School, Awagarh.

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The wedding took place in full desi style. Christen donned in sarees and traditional jewellery for the various functions and accepted our traditions with an open heart.

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Here’s a video that has snippets from the wedding:

A lot of people online thought that this was a good time to get active on Facebook again! 😛

Such a modern love story!

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