Indian Man Served ‘Sad Looking’ Chole Bhature At Restaurant In Sweden, Desis React

Just like how Kolkata biryani is incomplete without aloo and momo is incomplete without the red chilli sauce, similarly, the satisfaction behind a plate of chole bhature lies in the phule huye bhature with garma garam chole on the side topped with onions and coriander.

However, when an Indian restaurant in Sweden decided to murder the whole concept of chole bhature, desis online wouldn’t have it! A guy recently posted pictures on Reddit the dish¬†he was served at a restaurant in Sweden. And it just looks…sad.

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Have a look at his post here:

Ladies and gentlemen, Here is the Chole Bhature that I was served at an Indian restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. I miss home. from india

What’s worse is that he was charged approximately Rs 1,000 for this dish. Not just the looks, but even the taste was allegedly bland.

Some people online expressed how the cook of the restaurant completely ruined the dish. Some even called it “offensive”. Have a look:

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If someone serves me chole bhature like this, I’m not paying!

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