Woman Shames New Mom Swara Bhasker For Postpartum Weight Gain, Actor Responds

In their everyday lives, women face immense scrutiny when it comes to their appearance. We are socialized into thinking that there is a perfect body type – slim waist and slender arms – and all women must work towards achieving that body. If they fail to do so, they somehow become less of a woman. This is what our society is programmed to believe. We are brainwashed to the extent that we even end up disregarding basic biology and shame a woman for gaining weight, as though it is one of the seven deadly sins.

A woman named Nalini Unagar, who has a massive following on X, shares pictures of food and talks about social issues, posted two pictures of actor Swara Bhasker comparing the way she looked back in the day and how she looks now, after having gained postpartum weight.

For those who do not know, Swara Bhasker recently delivered a baby and like every other woman on the planet who has delivered a baby, she gained weight. It is very natural for a woman to gain postpartum weight and to shame them for it only highlights one’s unawareness regarding pregnancy and childbirth.


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Swara Bhasker responded to the woman and asked her to do better.

Several others too slammed the woman for body-shaming the actor and trying to pull her down by making personal attacks. It is disappointing to see how, even today, women verbally attack other women for their choices and bodies when instead they should be supporting one another.

Here’s how people responded to the woman:

We have such a long way to go as a progressive and inclusive society.

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