Swara Bhasker Responds To Haters Praying For Her Demise After She Tested COVID Positive

The third wave of the fatal COVID-19 has entered the country, and it’s bad. I know of multiple people around me who have been infected with this virus which we thought, was finally saying us adieu.

And like many other celebs, Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker has also caught the virus and is currently under isolation, taking care of herself and trying hard to recover.


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And during these testing times, the least we can do is wish her well and pray for her speedy recovery. However, some inhumane trolls decided this was the time to be insensitive towards her and pray for her death.


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However, as bravely as Swara is fighting the virus, in the same manner, she responded to her haters with the taste of their own medicine.

Thank God for the noble souls who have been overpowering the hatred of these trolls with their love and affection.

She is forever thankful to them:

No matter how much you hate a person, us being cruel and mean to them especially when they are at their lowest reflects the kind of humans we are. Yes, ignorance is bliss, but for how long? Get well soon, Swara.

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