The Indian Embassy In US Worked On A Holiday So That A Son Could Attend His Dad’s Funeral

Sushma Swaraj is not just the Queen of Twitter but of our hearts.

She has emerged as a champion for one too many Indian nationals as well as NRIs who found themselves in distress. She responds to them in the nick of time and uses her machinery to relieve them from their problems. She has given social media sites like Twitter, a new platform to call for help from the government which otherwise is a playground for allegations and counter-allegations for Indian politicians.

A distressed mother who recently lost her husband, Sarita Takru from Karnal, called for help from Mrs. Swaraj to get her son who is currently in the US, back to India. The problem was that the Indian Embassies in the US were closed for Vijayadasmi and Moharram.



She made a final plea to which Mrs. Swaraj responded immediately.


She quickly took action and informed so to the distressed mother.


She tried to get hold of Ms. Takru’s son with a quick interaction with her.


And she and our embassies in the US amidst all the festivities, came through to rescue them from this grave situation.

Thank you, Madam. We citizens have been waiting for someone like you for too long.

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