Sushma Swaraj Helps National Boxing Champ Get Her Passport But Makes One Request In Return

I’ll tell you this and you’re going to have to agree: Sushma Swaraj is the white knight we need but don’t deserve.

Whether it’s her powerful speeches or the amazing work she does via Twitter, addressing concerns of Indian citizens and foreign nationals alike, the External Affairs Minister’s swag is unparalleled.

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And yet again, in a remarkable move, Sushma Swaraj has waved her magic wand, this time for a National-level boxing champ, Jhalak Tomar.

Yesterday, a Twitter user Aditi Sharma tweeted to Swaraj to help a young boxer named Jhalak Tomar get her passport so the latter could fly for an international boxing match.

Jhalak, who hails from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, has only two days back won a bronze medal in the 54 kgs weight category of the first Junior Women’s National Boxing Championship held in Rohtak.

Her recent win made Jhalak eligible to participate in the International Boxing Tournament ‘Valeria Demyanova Memorial’ in Ukraine, for which she would have to leave today.

However, without her passport, this feat would be nigh impossible for the otherwise winning champ!

Aditi, who doesn’t know Jhalak personally but wanted to make sure she didn’t miss this golden opportunity, shared images of the boxer’s online passport application receipt and a letter to the passport officer of the Regional Passport Office, Ghaziabad.

As expected, the minister was super fast on the uptake!

Sushma Swaraj once again swooped in, like the superhero we all know her to be, and saved the day! But she had one ‘tiny’ demand—Jhalak would now have to win a medal for India!

Which, if you think about it, is just like any parent who gets their kid a new pen before the exam and asks them to score full marks because they’ve done what their child asked for!

True to her word, the boxing champ was the proud owner of a brand new passport this morning! Swaraj shared a picture of Jhalak receiving her passport at the Ghaziabad RPO office.

And what do you know, as you read this, Jhalak might probably be on her way to Ukraine right now, and winning us that medal!

Aditi, the Twitter user whose tweets put things in motion, also shared the picture of a happy Jhalak with her passport, and thanked the Minister for her prompt help.

You’ve probably heard us say this every time we sing Sushma Swaraj’s praises, but I hope they make more public servants like her because, God knows, we need this kind of promptness and passion to help people in our government systems!

You keep killing it, Sushma Ma’am!

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