Sushant Tweets ‘HAHAHA’ To IIFA After Losing Best Actor Award, Twitter Slams Him Hard!

The IIFA Awards 2017 was a star studded affair, held at the Met Life Stadium in New York. The evening was ‘pretty’ eventful. From Katrina magically appearing in two places at once to Karan, Saif and Varun taking digs at Kangana, the drama didn’t end there!

Shahid Kapoor bagged the best actor award for his incredible performance in ‘Udta Punjab’. One of the contenders was reel life MS Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput. Unhappy with the loss, Sushant tweeted this to IIFA,

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Quite weird, we must say!


However, that was not it. Twitter didn’t take Sushant’s ‘HAHAHA’ too well and started slamming/ laughing back at him. Well, we will let the tweets do all the talking!

1. He is neither impressed with his acting skills nor with his tweeting skills!


2. ย Umm…Burn, maybe!?


3. ย Nursery rhyme put to good use *full marks*


4. When you think of it, yeah maybe!


5. Hey, you win some you lose some…




7. Knocked it out of the park.


8. Nothing to say about this…


While there were many who took pot shots at Sushant, his fans came out in support too…

1. He knows it all…


2. And Nepotism strikes again!


3. Isn’t a fan’s love the best award?


4. ย There is always a next time!


5. Work is worship

Interestingly, Anupam Kher won the award for Best Supporting Actor for playing Dhoni’s father. Sushant’s cryptic tweet has set the Twitterati buzzing. Will this embroil into another controversy?

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