Sushant Singh Rajput Refuses A ₹15 Cr Fairness Cream Deal And Won Our Hearts Yet Again!

Racism has been a huge problem plaguing societies all over the world. I do not know where the notion of white-skinned people being a superior race first stemmed from, but we are all aware of the biases and discrimination that dark-skinned people have faced in the past and still continue to. So it comes as no surprise that people, and I especially talk about Indians, are obsessed with fairness creams.

Fairness creams have been a big hit in India. And before the advent of these cosmetics, we had home-remedies to lighten one’s skin. Add celebrities and public figures endorsing these ‘remedies’, and it just deepens the roots of the problem in our society.

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Last year, Abhay Deol slammed every B-town celebrity who endorsed fairness creams. Since then several celebs have confessed and apologised to have endorsed these products in the course of their careers, while many still continue to promote them.

Joining the leagues of Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor and Aamir Khan, is now Sushant Singh Rajput, who has refused to endorse a fairness cream despite being offered a staggering amount of ₹15 crores.

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As per a report by Mid-Day, when he was asked why he turned down the offer which consisted of a 3-year contract, including 6 commercials, he said:

“As responsible actors, it is our duty to not indulge in sending out incorrect messages. We should not, in any way, endorse or promote the ideology of preferring one skin tone over another.”

It is people like him and many others who have tried to contribute to correcting the ‘fair is beautiful’ notion that makes us hopeful for a change in our society’s mindset. After all, even Lady Gaga said,

“You’re black, white, beige, Chola descent, you’re Lebanese, you’re Orient…

Rejoice and love yourself today, ‘Cause baby you were born this way.”

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