10 Times Suresh Prabhu Was The Superhero Without A Cape, Helping Those In Need

Blame it on stereotypes but the first thing that crosses one’s mind when you say ‘politician’ is- corrupt. Tainted, insensitive, laid back, are probably the afterthoughts that follow the first. However, there is no way one can deny the changing scenario and the changing mentality of today, thanks to the unstinted efforts of a few.

And while we are still talking about responsible lawmakers, it is a crime to not talk about Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, who with his able team has revolutionised the state of Indian railways, both internally and externally! And it’s time we give him the claps he deserves.

suresh prabhu
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So, here goes…10 times Suresh Prabhu was a superhero even without a cape, helping the distressed…every single time. 

1. Recently, when he ensured strict action against offenders who mocked a harassed woman.


2. The time he helped save Renuka Shahane’s relative who needed immediate medical aid on a train.


3. When his alert rail officials rescued a 12-year-old from falling a victim to human trafficking.


4. When he located two runaway girls from Bengal after a single tweet!

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5. Or the time his administration saved a girl from the claws of kidnapping.


6. Remember when this alertness facilitated quick help to a distressed woman who was travelling solo?


7. Even food for hungry students as a matter of fact!


8. My favourite is the time when he reunited a mother with her lost child.

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9. Not to forget the time when the Railways helped a sick elderly with a wheelchair after his son tweeted about the same.


10. In fact, they also came to another father’s rescue and provided medical attention to his 6-year-old kid.

These aren’t the only times, just FYI. The minister and his team are constant vigils, weeding out hurdles from the path of passengers and saving/helping/rescuing the distressed. Kudos to your efforts, sir! We are lucky to have you. 🙂

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