Surat Woman Praying In Front Of A Temple Survives After Being Run Over By A Garbage Van

Back in 2018, the world was taken by surprise by the miraculous survival of a child who managed to stay atop a bike, even though the other riders fell down after an accident.

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And 2019 has brought another such survival story, which involves a woman, a temple and a garbage truck. I know that’s an interesting combo, but it gets even more interesting.

Reportedly, Ramila Solanki, from Surat, was on her way to work when she stopped for a few seconds to pray at a Sai Baba temple. However, she was unaware of the fact that a garbage van was headed towards her.

The CCTV that’s probably placed on the entrance of the temple shows Ramila arriving and taking off her slippers to pray. But for some reason, she wasn’t able to notice the garbage van that was off-camera and vice versa.

The garbage van went over her and kept going until other pedestrians alerted the driver of his actions. Thankfully, Ramila survived walked away from the accident without any major injuries.

Check out the whole video here:

While people who say the accident were quick to blame the driver, and rightfully so, Ramila is partly to blame for this because she was standing smack in the middle of a busy road. So, since miracles happen very rarely, pray responsibly and drive responsibly.