“He Started Banging On My Door,” Sunny Leone Recounts A Horrifying Cyber Stalking Incident

It is no secret that the world wide web can be a nasty place. Cyberbullying, cyberstalking and cyberharassment are real problems that we face today. If we general folk feel threatened, imagine celebrities.

Celebs have millions of followers who feel they can say anything to the other person because they are hidden behind screens of their phones and laptops. Both Indian, as well as stars abroad, have spoken out about the negativity and hate they receive online.

Sunny Leone has lent her support to the cause too. According to a Mid-day report, she opened up about a harrowing incident which made her sensitive to the issue, saying,

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“Someone threatened me, telling me he’d come to my house to cause harm. Daniel  (Sunny’s husband) was not in the country, and I was frightened because I was living alone. I would hear noises outside my house and walk towards the door with a knife in my hand.”

She has joined hands with NGO, Akancha Against Harassment to fight the issue of cyber harassment.

Sunny also described an incident where a social media user with a sizeable following spread hatred against her on the web. He even arrived at her doorstep and started banging on her door. His Twitter followers bullied Sunny making her fear a mob attack. Recounting the horror, she said,

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“He started banging on my door. That his Twitter followers had also bullied me, made me fear that a mob would turn up and break into my house.”

The incident left her shaken up and worried for her safety, forcing her to install cameras outside her house.

Sunny has recognised the issue and wants to use her platform and name for spreading awareness about the issue. Teens and young adults are the ones who face the brunt of most of it. She urged them to stay clear of games like the Blue Whale Challenge saying,

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“Young girls and boys go through depression because they are bullied. Many even end up committing suicide. I don’t know if this will end, but, we can create awareness about it. Thankfully, people have been supportive towards me, and, I am strong, but not everyone can say that. We need to help them.”

With social media slowly becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, it becomes imperative that we recognise these issues. The problem is that many of us dismiss social media aggression as just something in the virtual world. But this incident shows that virtual boundaries can be broken and real life can be disturbed too.

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