Sunny Deol Rescues Woman Sold To A Pakistani Agent, Dharmendra Tweets Emotionally!

With aggressively expanding online platforms, theft and scams have become a routine peril. Millions of people are brainstorming new ways to make fast cash by luring people in the name of online shopping, passport and visa approval, getting a job, cheap international travels so on and so forth.

But a woman being sold to a Pakistani man by a travel agent in the guise of promising her a job, is the new low conmen have stooped to. It is all so they can earn a few quick bucks!

But luckily, actor turned politician Sunny Deol was quick to respond to the pleas of her family members and managed to rescue her.

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According to reports, a 45-year-old woman Veena Bedi was sold to a Pakistani man after a travel agent lured her to Kuwait on the promise of a housekeeping job of 30,000 per month where she was assaulted and kept confined.

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The victim’s family narrated the entire incident to the newly elected Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur (Punjab) Sunny Deol on his latest visit. Deol was quick to respond and with the help of the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and two NGOs based in Kuwait and Canada respectively he was able to rescue the woman. She returned home on Friday.

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Not only were citizens happy with Sunny’s efforts, but his father Dharmendra was also seen beaming with pride and wrote a heartfelt message for his son on Twitter.

Twitter also praised Sunny’s efforts:

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They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Well, thanks to Sunny, the woman is safe and sound back home.

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