Sunny Acting ‘Nuts’ With Hubby Daniel, Is Every Girl Being Her Crazy Self Around Her BF!

Sunny Leone’s come a long way from society’s judgmental eyes on her past. She’s now claiming the Hindi film industry and creating a niche as a strong-willed, independent woman.

Her multi-faceted personality is sometimes strong and bold and other times she’s the most sensitive and compassionate celebrity. However, my personal favourite Sunny is when she’s her fun, goofy self!

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The gorgeous diva married the love of her life Daniel Webber back in 2011. Since then the happy couple has even adopted a baby girl, Nisha. But what motherhood hasn’t taken away from Sunny is her mad-hatter, goofy personality.

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Sunny is basically me, I’m always up for piggy back rides!

Weber shared the most adorable pictures with his wife aka the stunning star of tinsel town. And you’ll be forced to see the sizzling hottie as the goofball she actually is.

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Is Sunny taking ‘I am a woman, hear me roar’ too literally?

Sunny Leone has taken her fame and after taking B-Town by storm she has moved to the small screen. She’s been hosting reality TV shows maybe that’s where she learned the dramatic eye stare in this photo.

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This is my exact face when my BF forgets to put the toilet seat down!

Aren’t the two just relationship goals? You can make this face in front of your special someone when they’ve seen every unattractive side of you. And what’s the best part of their relationship- they seem like before anything they are friends. You can never go wrong there.

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Somewhere in the middle of crazy and cute!

And that is why Daniel tweeted and said,

“She’s seriously always nuts ? :))))) xo.”

On screen and off screen personalities can be so different right? The sizzling dancer on screen and this adorable personality off it. Well, Sunny we love you in every way!