Sunil Pal Gives His 2 Cents on Stand Up Comedy and Homosexuality. It’s Plain Pathetic.

While people have been blowing Tanmay Bhat’s video out of proportion and getting offended yet again, we have a real reason for people to take offence.

Sunil Pal’s interview with TV 9. He single handedly disses comedians in India, women who he says, ‘flirt back with said comedians happily’ and the LGBTQ community. I mean it’s one thing to give your opinions on the matter but quite another to talk so recklessly, without any first hand information.

So while these kind of people exist, who may not insult your ‘Icons’, but manage to offend communities in general, with comments that can only be classified as ill-informed and insensitive, we should be taking offense.

But for the right things.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Sunil Pal’s interview








Here’s looking at you, Sunil Pal.
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