Suniel Shetty Files Suit Against Production Company Using His Pic To Promote Their Film

Celebs do enjoy a lot of privileges for being the apple of the eye of their fans. However, there are people who use their names and pictures to promote their products or services that too without the celebs’ knowledge.

While most of them would just ignore it, Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty decided to do something about it.

The actor who has acted in more than 100 films to date recently came to know about a film production company circulating a poster of their upcoming film with his picture on it, reported Hindustan Times.

The agency, identified as Balaji Media Films private limited, shared a poster claiming that the ‘Dhadkan’ actor would be playing the lead in their film, Vineeta. This irked Suniel to an extent that he decided to take legal actions against them and filled a complaint at Versova police station.

“It is a complete fraud being done by M/S Balaji Media Films Pvt Ltd through their representatives Amanpreet Kaur and Arijit Chatterjee,” said his report.

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Suniel claimed that the company in question was using his pictures without his knowledge or permission and are making money in his name, reported Mid-day. Suniel said:

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“I don’t know whose film it is and who they are, nor did I sign this film. They are openly exploiting an artiste. They are trying to get the film financed using my name. This is ruining my reputation and as such, I decided to file a complaint.”

However, the production company, in their defense, said that they did this by mistake. “We made a mistake. We were preparing for the casting of our two films keeping two to three actors, including Shetty and Bobby Deol, in mind. We made a poster using their photos just to check how they look. But someone made the posters go viral on social media. The posters were later deleted,” said Ranveer Singh, manager, Balaji Media Films private limited.

“It is wrong to say that we are seeking money from people by showing Shetty’s photo and poster. Our account can be checked. It is also true that no financer finances without signing an agreement,” Singh further clarified.

“We have received a written complaint and we will check and investigate the matter. We will act as per the law,” informed an officer from Versova police.

Expressing his concern over the issue, Suniel recently tweeted:

Going by what Suniel has accused the company of, it’s actually concerning. What do you think of this issue? Tell us.

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