When The Best Man Forgot The Ring To A Wedding, This Cute Pooch Suited Up And Saved The Day

Best friends are for life and so are our dogs! Well, for this very fortunate couple, they not only had a great best friend but also a cute pooch (George) who added a lot of surprise happiness to their wedding celebrations. Dogs are a favourite with the majority of us and there is a reason for that. They are undoubtedly the most caring of pets and this video is a testament to that. The best man forgets to get the rings and what follows is sure to amuse you. Hat’s off to the world’s best, best man who hatched such a lovely plan to surprise the couple.

This video, uploaded by Laura Russell (the bride) is so cute that it is sure to make you forget your blues. Thank God for the cameras and the social media that we get to be a part of these amazing moments. Take a look at this adorable video here.

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