GF Sent Nudes Of Her Roommates To BF. Couple Later Commits Suicide, Scared Of Getting Caught

A romantic relationship shared by two people is a taboo in Indian society perhaps because of the temporariness of the nature of the relationships. Some girls live in really strict families and dare not disclose to their parents that they are in a relationship or are suffering in that relationship, for that matter.

The fact that parents do not provide a window to address their child’s grievances as far as romantic involvement is concerned, make the child vulnerable to people who might use the exclusive power they have been inevitably granted to subject them to questionable acts.

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This is exactly what happened when a boyfriend forced his girlfriend to click objectionable pictures of her roommates which later led them to commit suicide.

The incident occurred in Mumbai when Vrushali Lande, a 21-year-old nursing student of St George’s Hospital, was blackmailed by her boyfriend, Suresh Shinde, who instructed her to click nude pictures of her roommates and if she refused he would tell her family about their relationship.

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Vrushali then clicked several nude pictures of her roommates and sent them to her boyfriend, who allegedly scolded her saying that some pictures had not been taken correctly.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, one of the roommates read the chats on 21 September after which they confronted Vrushali. The girl broke down and revealed the entire ordeal to them. The roommates agreed to forget the matter if she gave them in written that Suresh was responsible for her questionable act and that she would sever all ties with him.

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However, two days after this, they caught Vrushali messaging him again and this time they threatened to file a police report, following which an argument ensued and Vrushali stormed out with some cash. When she did not return after 7 pm which is the hostel’s deadline, officials contacted the police and filed a missing persons’ report.

Suresh and Vrushali had already committed suicide by then and their bodies were found on the tracks at Kalyan at about 6:30 pm. Vrushali’s suicide letter, later found in her room, revealed the reason behind their suicide.

In the letter she had confessed to clicking nude pictures of her roommates and taken the blame in case the pictures are misused. The suicide note also entails that the couple took this decision for fear of authorities putting them behind bars.

Love makes us do crazy things but this tale of twisted love and fear occurred because the girl could not find enough courage to consult somebody more mature about the conditions of her relationship. Had she done so, numerous lives could have been saved from being ruined.

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