Women From Various Professions Accuse Suhel Seth Of Sexual Assault, They Say His Time’s Up

Although the #MeToo movement took almost an year to reach India, it has gained a lot of momentum after Tanushree Dutta’s reminder about Nana Patekar’s actions. Since then, women from every work of life have joined forces to out men who have harassed them. Joining this list of despicable people is Suhel Seth.

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Last night, filmmaker and creative producer, Natashja Rathore spoke up about her encounter with celebrated columnist Suhel Seth.

Trigger warning: The events described in this post are graphic in nature. So, please proceed with caution.

1. It all began with a request to eat ice-cream.

2. Natashja thanked Suhel for not raping her that night.

3. It’s time that his facade comes to an end.

Natashja’s #MeToo story prompted others to share their horrific meetings with Suhel Seth as well. One of them was France 24 journalist, Mandakini Gahlot.

1. Mandakini says Suhel has been at this for years.

2. The incident happened at the Taj Aguada hotel.

3. Suhel’s lack of understanding about consent is apparent.

4. Where there’s evil, there’s some good as well.

4. Suhel Seth’s time is truly up.

While Natashja and Mandakini decided to take on Suhel by revealing their identities, Indian Express reported there was another complainant who reported her experience anonymously. She said,

“He knew my father well, and I had met him in Delhi with my father, who is no more. I went up to him to say Hi…he was sweet at first. The conversation soon shifted to sex and online dating.”

The 31-year-old said that this incident had happened at a popular restaurant and bar.

“Then he put his arm around my waist, which was uncomfortable. He messaged me about his Mumbai plans a few days later and kept inviting me to his room…I didn’t go, it sounded fishy.”

Suhel Seth has been revered as a columnist, a management guru, an actor, a writer and more in various industries. But these allegations show that the reality is far from it. And while Seth is quick to react to matters of national concern, he is yet to respond to these accusations.

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