Suhana Khan Calling Alia A Role Model For Rewearing Her Wedding Saree Sets The Bar Too Low

Our generation is one which has unlimited options when it comes to clothing. The mix of online shopping platforms, cheap fast fashion brands and the rapidly changing fashion trends have led to people purchasing way more products than they need. And since the clothing items are cheaper in price, they are of cheaper quality as well. This means that they won’t even last long.

In recent times, there has been an ongoing debate about sustainability in terms of fashion. Since the past couple of years, there’s been this trend of not repeating outfits, especially for public appearances. And this makes no sense at all. Hence, when Alia Bhatt wore her wedding saree for the National Film Awards this year, she was lauded and celebrated for setting the right example.


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While Alia’s act of repeating her wedding saree was setting the right example, it isn’t enough for the long run. ‘Celebrity looks’ play a huge role in setting fashion trends and considering that they have a massive influence on the public, they must do more. Wearing a saree twice is not enough.

Suhana Khan, in a recent interview, said that Alia took a stand for sustainability and if she can wear her wedding saree to the National Awards, others could also repeat an outfit for a party and not buy a new one. Although whatever Suhana Khan is trying to say makes sense, sustainability is much more than repeating an outfit for a party.

She was addressing a bunch of young students from Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai. Have a look:

Here’s how people online reacted to her video:

Do you think that the bar is set too low for us?

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