In Letter To Govt. Sudha Murthy Offers Aid To Set Up Hospital For COVID-19 Patients In Karnataka

As coronavirus is rapidly taking a toll on the country, our government needs to be prepared for the worst. The cases of coronavirus in India have risen from 14 Italian tourists to 77 Indians with 3 deaths in no time, reports ET.

States like Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi, Haryana have already declared it a pandemic and called for a shutdown of public places like schools, universities, cinema halls, and offices among others.

Though every possible precaution is been taken, our country needs to be prepared and well equipped to contain the deadly outbreak. Accordingly, Sudha Murthy, Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a philanthropist, has written a letter to the Karnataka government offering help in setting up a special hospital dedicated to COVID-19 patients, reports The Hindu.

In the letter, Murthy has urged the government to vacate a hospital where the Infosys Foundation will look after the civil work. As it will be troublesome to manage the patients if the virus continues to spread, Murthy urged that such a hospital is certainly the need of the hour. She assured that Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman of Narayana Health will share resources like medical equipment for the hospital.

“I request you to vacate one government hospital with at least 500 – 700 beds for this purpose (to deal with coronavirus cases), which requires oxygen lines and pipes,” she said, reports TOI.

In her letter, Murthy also requested that the government give strict order to shut all schools and colleges, malls, theatres, and all air-conditioned areas, apart from essential service stores like pharmacies and grocery stores.

“We would like to work with the government proactively so that we can prevent this as early as possible,” she added.

She is being hailed for her kind initiative to aid coronavirus patients in the country on social media.

We certainly need more such people to volunteer and help those in need at such a crucial situation in the country. Kudos to you, Ma’am!

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