10 Things Successful People Do First Thing In The Morning

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

While most of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning and hardly get time to eat breakfast, there is a whole spectrum of people who accomplish a lot in that time between waking up and getting out of the house for work.

Most of us even take time to get into the full flow of work after we enter our workplace.

For all the successful people, this strategy is just not acceptable. They do this day after day, month after month, year after year.

And when you actually look at the things they do, you can’t help but wonder how disciplined they really are –

1. They wake up really, really early

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Successful people start their day very early. Most of them wake up before sunrise. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple wakes up at 4.30 am every morning, Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico wakes up at 4 am, and Disney CEO, Bob Iger wakes up at 4.30 am.

They know that time cannot be wasted in lazy morning routines and hence capitalize the morning, when they are as fresh as they can be.

Robin Sharma, motivational speaker urges everyone to join the 5AM Club, wherein you get up at 5 AM everyday to lead your day towards super-productivity.


2. They meditate in the silence of dawn

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Oprah Winfrey does it, and so does Narendra Modi. They meditate at the start of the day. This makes their mind much more centered and calmer for the day. Most of these people face enormous pressure and stress. They need to calm their mind so that they can handle all the stress efficiently and positively.


3. They exercise because if you don’t find time for your health, you’ll have to find time for disease

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If you look at any of the successful people, none of them look diseased and fat and in vain. As they take care of their minds, they also take care of their bodies. After all, they all have ridiculously grueling work schedules.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla works 14 hours every day. You need the bodily stamina to work 14 hours every day for years.


4. They eat a very nutritious breakfast

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They do not gorge on waffles with a generous helping of syrup and a milkshake on the side. Breakfasts are healthy and nutritious and are chosen so that they do not leave these people overfull and dull after eating.

You should feel content and energetic after a breakfast and many of these successful people eat very healthy breakfasts. For example, Richard Branson eats a fruit salad and a bowl of muesli in the morning. Muesli is a mix of oats, fruits, nuts, seeds, and milk. Healthy indeed!


5. They read newspapers

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This is their idea of chilling out in the morning – reading newspapers. Some watch the news and some listen to sports radio. It is a good way to keep abreast with everything that is happening in the world.

Fun fact – Warren Buffet reads 6 newspapers before he goes to work.


6. They say no to emails, and invest in learning something new

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Emails are an integral part of their lives, but they keep their inboxes organized and shiny. And hence, they don’t need the attention right in the morning. Successful people invest the time on themselves, by reading books or learning something new.


7. They plan for the day using a to-do list

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They plan it all out and sometimes jot it down. This irons out all the hiccups we usually face, when we are suddenly faced with free time or a new task.

It is always better to be prepared.


8. They visualize how their day is going to turn out (Some even visualize a day early at night)

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Visualizing success puts you in a positive state of mind. That’s what successful people do. They visualize their day to be efficient and smooth. Most of the days do not turn out to be efficient and smooth, but the mind is positive because you told it that it is going to be a good day.

A good, positive mind can take on any challenge that the day presents.


9. They prioritize everything they are going to do during the day

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You cannot give menial tasks the start of your day and then exhaust yourself with the hardest of the tasks at the end of the day. Successful people prioritize their tasks efficiently. That means doing the most important work at the start, when the energy levels are the highest.

This means that by the end of the day, when they are wrapping up their work, there isn’t any big task looming ahead of them. They literally have their priorities set right.


10. Most of the work is already done

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When you do all of the above, 90% of  your work is done. How? Because the plan is set and all you have to do is execute. We do not realize this, but the reason why we get tired during the day is because we do not plan ahead, or prioritize our work.

These are not exactly difficult things to do, to be honest.

If we really think about it, many of us stay up late in the night surfing and doing mundane things. This leads to lethargic mornings, which in turn leads to a not-so-productive days.

Hey, maybe this is the article that inspires you to turn your life around for the better. Who knows?!

All the best!

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