“Don’t Flaunt It.” Subramanian Swamy’s Twisted View About Homosexuality Has The Internet Raging

We, as a society, are fighting a gamut of pressing problems, but nothing threatens equality like homophobia and transphobia does! And the truth is that while we step out to march in pride parades, the LGBTQIA community In India has more than just rights at stake. Especially with Section 377 still criminalising gay sex and same-sex marriages!

And it’s not just the identity crisis; the community is fighting mass unawareness, taboos and social stigma on a daily basis.

But fortunately, it seems like all that is going to change. If you haven’t heard already the Supreme Court, in a welcoming change, has decided to revisit the judgment upholding Section 377.

According to The Hindu, the apex court has referred the matter to a larger bench and said, 

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“The determination of order of nature is not a constant phenomenon. Societal morality changes with time, law walks with life. A section of people can’t live in fear of their individual choice.”

Needless to say, the reconsideration has left people hopeful of a day when the State will not dictate terms on consensual sex among individuals and give them the dignity they deserve.

But while I wish we could talk about that in lengths, there is something else that I’d like to draw your attention to.

It so happened that ANI, on the jubilant occasion, reached out to MP/economist/lawyer Subramanian Swamy to know his views about the same. But it was when he said that all hell broke loose. Why? Because he said…

“As long as they don’t celebrate it, don’t flaunt it, don’t create gay bars to select partners it’s not a problem.

In their privacy what they do, nobody can invade but if you flaunt it, it has to be punished & therefore there has to be Section 377 of the IPC.”

Yes, you heard that right.

Now, unsurprisingly, Twitter is up against the wall, slamming Swamy for his ‘bigoted’ opinions. See for yourself.

1. ‘I shall not hide.’

2. Can you argue that?


4. ‘Homophobic,’ claimed one.

5. These are questions that the entire nation is asking RN.

6. OUCH.

7. Only if…

8. Maybe Elon Musk can help?

9. ‘Is this a democracy or not?’

10. Food for thought.

11. Such are the times…

12. Point blank.

13. Isn’t it unconstitutional now?

14. WORD.

15. On another note…

I don’t know about but it’s stances like this that tie us back to the regressive bondages we’re trying to escape. And honestly, Subramanian Swamy should have known better.