“Content Released Should Be Hindutva Friendly,” Subramanian Swamy Defends CBFC On Live TV

Well, remember the time when there were no cuts in the movies that spoke freely to a particular section of society? No? Why? Because it has almost never happened!

Recently, the producer of the film ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’, Kiran Shroff, wore trousers and shirt to meet CBFC and had the courage to talk about the cuts (48) they wanted to make in the film. And, she was slut-shamed and asked how can she make such a movie, when she is a woman. Her mistake – she is a woman with a voice.

Last night, Faye D’Souza held a discussion about the cuts and the derogatory comments that were passed by CBFC and their officials with renowned politician, Subramanian Swamy. To start with, Swamy said that he believes CBFC and Pahlaj Nihilani are right about the cuts.

His argument was that children these days have access to i-pads, phones, and the internet. The content is available to them to watch, no matter if you label a film as ‘adult’. So Faye asked him,

To which, pat came the reply of Mr. Swamy.

“Yes, I think it should be Hindutva friendly.”

Confused and honestly a little put off by the comment, Faye asked, “Are we talking about child-friendly or Hindutva friendly. Do they mean the same?” Swamy then explained a lot of mythology and called Maryada Purushottam Ram to his defense and explained what he meant when he said, “Hindutva”.


Faye then asked him if he was aware of how producer Kiran Shroff was treated by the CBFC, to which he said, “Well, she should file a complaint as it is an offensive remark. We can’t tell women what they should wear.” But it did not end there, he tried to propagate an ideology.


Faye folded her hands on the table and curiously asked him, “Based on what research Dr. Swamy are the sarees and the salwar kameez are the best outfits to wear in our climate?” To which Mr. Swamy said,


You can watch Faye fuming over his comments and retaliating to Dr. Swamy in the video here.

I mean, it’s just appalling that someone at such a dignified position would go on to make such a senseless statement. And I tried to Google what happens to a woman’s reproductive system if she wears tight clothes, and the result was…that people say haww, judge her, pass provocative remarks, think that she is asking for it and much more. But reproductive system, I don’t think so.