People Confess The ‘Stupidest Things’ They’ve Said That Still Haunt Them

No one’s perfect, right? And all of us have said something stupid in the heat of the moment. But now when we think of it, we go ROFL on our own stupidity.

Like us, there were many people on Reddit who regretted saying something stupid at some point in life. They all shared about it when a Reddit user asked them:

What is the stupidest thing that ever came out of your mouth? from AskReddit

From asking ‘what month is April in’ to saying ‘a kitten mum’s also a cat’, the stupidity list might make your embarrassing moment feel negligible.

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Peeps made some ‘animal’ blunders.

This must be hard to forget.

That’s a grave mistake.

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Logic left the chat.

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Oh boy!

That’s an innocent mistake!

Happened with me 🤪

Well, my mom always panics and tells me to find her glasses in the house when it’s actually resting on her tiny little nose. P.S: I never tell her and watch her go nuts around the house. Maza aata hai! 😈

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