12 Thoughts You Have When You’re About To Go And Study Abroad

Studying abroad. This would have been next to impossible just a decade back. Maybe you heard about your neighbouring aunty’s second daughter’s son who went to study “abroad”. Nowadays, going to study abroad is quite a trend. More and more people want to take a shot at exploring the opportunities available and take in a new experience.

So if you are one of those lucky souls who is getting the opportunity to dip your feet into an ocean thousands of miles away from your house, going to a school where the system of education is totally different from what you are used to, and basically getting to explore another part of the world far, far away from where you grew up…this article’s for you!

 1. There is no other happiness like the one you feel after you have cracked your GRE/ TOEFL/ IELTS exam

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You are FINALLY done with your exam. So it seems like your dream of going abroad to study *might* actually come true. And more than that, once you are done with the damn exam, you don’t have to study the same stuff again and again, which had driven you crazy for months.


2. The wait for an admit

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You never thought checking your emails so many times a day was possible. Oh, how one email can make your day! -_-

Seriously, it’s just an email. It’s either a yes or a no. How long does it take for a university to tell you that?!



3. When a university sends you an admit and the I20

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“Okay, so it seems like I might actually get to go.”

Up until then, it was a cross between offering up your soul to the devil in exchange for an admit from the university you wanted to get into, and dancing around a sacred fire while pulling out clumps of your hair.

 … And your visa is approved

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And even though you know it’s not an exam with a syllabus, you are scared of what the Visa Officer might ask you… but you come out with a smile and a spring in your step because your VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED!!


3. When you book your plane ticket

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“Well. This seems kind of final.”


4. You start dreaming about your new life

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Well, let’s not get too graphic, shall we?


5. Overwhelming enthusiasm

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Woohoooo!!! So you are going out of your country, meeting new people, exploring new places, living a different lifestyle. Life doesn’t get any better than this!


5. You excitedly go shopping… but end up with bags, cookers, and utensils

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Who knew bags and cookers could cost so much?! It’s as if you are buying a body part!


6. The Countdown begins…

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One month to go…

7. The “going to visit my favourite places” one last time

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Once you go out of your country, you have no idea when you will come back. Maybe after a year? Maybe 2 years? It’s time to visit your favourite hangouts one last time. That place you always go meet your friends. Or the one where they serve the best tea in the world. Or the one where the hotel owner knows you enough when you say “the usual.”

And you start wondering when you will get to eat all this again.


Two weeks to go…

8. Meeting your friends as often as you can because… *sigh*

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One week to go…

9. Panic

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“I am leaving in a week. I am leaving the country in a week. Shit. I am leaving the COUNTRY(!!!!) in a WEEK(!!!!).”

Even though you shall be independent and you’ll get to do whatever you want…

…you shall be away from the warmth and safety of your home, where you could lie around lazily and still get fed every day.


You can count the number of days remaining, on one hand now…

10. And the nostalgia hits.

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You have so many memories in your hometown. Calling up friends and making impromptu plans. Having a hangout spot which is practically a home outside your home. Just taking out your bike or car and going for a drive. Eating maa ke haath ka khaana when you get home, tired. Fighting with your sibling over petty stuff. Getting pampered by your grandparents.

When you go abroad, it won’t be the same. You will have to cook your own food and manage your classes. You will have to share your room with strangers whose likes and dislikes will be different from yours. You won’t have a hot and delicious meal made for you when you are tired after a long day of work. Your friends will not just be on the other side of the world, but on another time zone. You start wondering whether you really want to go. Even though there’s an exciting adventure lying ahead, there’s so much more that you are leaving behind.

Oh, if only you could make your brain stop thinking!

11. “Crap. I am leaving the COUNTRY tomorrow!”

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You want to go. But you don’t want to go. But you also want to go. Get what I am saying? Or you want to cut out the entire section of land where you and your loved ones live, and take it all with you.


12. And when the moment comes for you to leave…

You know that no matter what, no matter how many time zones, kilometers and oceans lie between your friends/family and you, some things will never change. You are going to be okay. And a new adventure awaits.

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“Adventure is out there!” 🙂

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