We Shouldn’t Be Working For More Than 5 Hours A Day, Says Study! Boss, Are You Listening?

All of us, at least once in our lives, have made a daily planner on how we’ll be dividing our hours and spending the day. While we thought that 10 hours of work + 6 hours of sleep will leave us with 8 hours of leisure time when we could exercise, read, listen to some music, watch movies, cook and what not, it didn’t quite work out as we planned.

Let’s be honest here. ‘Friyay’ is a myth for those working on Saturdays and Sundays are spent lying on the bed doing absolutely nothing because we are so exhausted that the thought of working the next day makes us low-key depressed!

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And there’s a solid reason we feel this way. According to a recent report by Business Standardif we work for more than 35 hours a week, we are doomed – that’s a little more than 5 hours every day for a 6-day work week. Boss, are you reading this?

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“While the prevalence of flexible working and the use of technologies to facilitate it has brought many benefits to organisations, such changes have also helped to create a 24/7 work culture – and with it that feeling of “always being on” and available to take work calls or emails. And, as research shows, employees working in such environments may actually show lower levels of engagement – which over time could reduce their productivity”, says the report.

Working for more than 5 hours a day can cause major psychological and physical distress, making us prone to depression, anxiety, injuries, and hypertension which takes a toll on our families and relationships as well.

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And you know what’s worse? Our country’s work culture has become so toxic that it has conditioned employees into thinking that working for as much as 14-16 hours a day is okay. Which is why, according to another study, Indians don’t mind working for 5 days a week EVEN IF they were offered lesser number of work days for the same salary!

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If you are ever asked to stay back after work hours, it would be a good idea to show your bosses this study!

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