7th Standard Student’s Thoughtful Solution To A Math Problem Is Winning Hearts Online

Kids often end up writing some hilarious answers in exams to the questions they can’t solve. For instance, in a history exam, a question was asked, “What ended in 1896?” To which a student answered “1895”. In another exam a math question read, “How to change centimeters to meters?” And a student answered, “You remove ‘centi'”!

Some answers coming from kids in an exam leave people in splits. But sometimes, these young minds turn out to be as thoughtful as funny they can be. Just like this 7th-grade student who is winning praise for an absolutely ‘out of the box’ take on a math problem.

So the math problem gave Rs 18000 as the amount a woman earns in the span of 15 months. It required students to calculate the amount the woman earns in one and seven months. Also, the number of months she will take to earn Rs. 30,000.

The student solved the problem step by step correctly by applying the required formula. And, after solving it, the 7th-grade kid wrote, “This woman worker is underpaid.”

Someone shared a picture of the unidentified student’s answer sheet on Twitter which went viral within no time. The student became a social media sensation soon with netizens heaping praise on his thoughtful concern.

While the endless debate on gender pay gap remains rife in the society, young minds thinking loud and clear about the issue is certainly a positive sign for the future.