Female Prof At St. Xavier’s Kolkata Forced To Quit After Student Found Ogling At Her Insta Pics

As if people moral policing women on the kind of clothes they wear, the life they lead, and the choices they make wasn’t enough that people have started picking at them for the way they use their personal social media handles.

In a shocking incident, a female assistant professor at St Xavier’s University in Kolkata was sacked by the university for a picture she posted on her private Instagram profile.

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What happened is that a dad caught his 18-year-old son, a first-year undergraduate student of St Xavier’s University, ogling at the picture of the professor in question wearing a swimsuit that was taken from her personal Instagram account, reported News18.

The dad was so appalled that his son was looking at a female that he decided to take the professor to the task.

So, this father wrote a letter to the management of the educational institute saying that the prof’s picture was ‘obscene, vulgar and improper’.

Here’s the letter:

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After the university received the letter, a meeting was called wherein she was shown the complaint letter along with thumbnails of some photographs from her private Instagram account. She was also asked to quit the organization on account of ‘besmirching the reputation of the university’.

Talking to India Today, the professor said, “The said picture from Instagram was said to be ‘bordering on obscenity’ and ‘sexually exploitary’.”

She clarified that the picture was shared as a story and not a post on the application that too way before the university hired her.

“It was a story on the photo-sharing app and not a post. It was uploaded on June 13, 2021, way before the university gave me an offer. My profile is a private account. I wanted to know how my picture was accessed. I was told that there is a code of conduct and a dress code. I told them that it is restricted only to the university premises.”

Suspecting that her private Instagram account may have been hacked which lead to the leaking of her photos, she also filed a police complaint a day before quitting.

She even sent a legal notice to the university. “What I seek is an apology for their wrongdoing. Major big institutions, at times, get away with such kinds of behaviour with their employees. I will move the Calcutta High Court over it,” she said.

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However, the university alleged that her notice was ‘ill-motivated’, ‘desperate’, and ‘dishonest’. It sought an ‘unconditional apology’ from her and a compensation of Rs 99 crore for “causing immense and irreparable damage” to the university.

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The professor alleges that her dismissal by the university in such a manner was sexual harassment and deliberate character assassination.

People online had a lot to say about this incident that is a roaring example that our society is still infected with such a messed-up mentality.

Apparently, teachers are also given a code of conduct. And a student violating a teacher’s privacy is also the teacher’s fault.

Instead of holding the student accountable for the alleged breach of privacy, they forced the female professor to resign. Clearly, we are fanning misogyny here.

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