Student Hits Back At Teacher Who Said She Would ‘Never Make It’ After Board Results Came Out

In school, you are in the most formative years of your life. So qualities, likings, disliking, and ideas that we develop in school tend to remain in our minds for several years. For example, back in school, I had this idea that I am terrible at mathematics and even to this day, I have nightmares of failing a math exam!

Similarly, the effect of how you are treated by your teachers and classmates in school will linger on for a long time in your life. Teachers, especially, have the ability to make or break your confidence. Sadly, some teachers think that by being mean to students, they are motivating them to work hard. Disrespect and abusive behaviour should not be regarded as motivators. Kindness and inspiration are motivating.

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I’m pretty sure that many of you who are reading this have had some negative experiences back in school. Similarly, a woman on Twitter who goes by the username @hasmathaysha3 shared a screenshot where she confronted one of her teachers who allegedly degraded her and said that she could never make it.

“Next time, please remember to be kind towards people. Especially students who seek for you help,” she concluded.

The teacher had allegedly told her in the past that the girl would never pass school. But when she was informed that her student did in fact pass that too with good marks, she wanted to take credit for it too.

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Her tweet led to several other people opening up about their own experiences in school. It’s heartbreaking to see so many suffering from the same kind of incidents.

However, there are plenty of people who took to the comment section to blame the girl for not respecting her teacher. First, respect goes two ways. Just like youngsters are supposed to respect elders, elders should too respect youngsters. And second, such behaviour by teachers often leads the students into developing self-worth and self-confidence issues. Isn’t it best to find positive motivators instead?

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