Student Confronts Professor As He Constantly Misspells His Name ‘Saeed’ In 3 Different Ways

Our names are such a primary characteristic of our identity that if anyone misspells or mispronounces them, we immediately try to correct them. Once corrected, we expect them to properly pronounce or spell the name and if they fail to do so, it comes across as disrespectful.

Hence, a student named Saeed decided to confront his professor and ask why he constantly misspells his name every time on email when the correct spelling of his name is right there above the subject line on the screen.

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According to the email he sent, the professor apparently misspells his name in three different ways – Saed, Seead and Saad.

“Hello Professor. In regards to the paper, I will do that. However, I just wanted to ask why you misspell my name with every email when it is on the screen? I just find it unpleasant how you get the spelling of ‘Aktiengesellschaft’ correctly in the same email where you misspell my name that is clearly written on the screen. Kindest regards. Saeed (not Saed, Seead, or Saad),” his email read.

Have a look at Saeed’s tweet here:

What was disappointing to know was that the professor in question didn’t even acknowledge his email, let alone apologise and rectify his mistake.

Several people online shared similar experiences of calling out people who misspelt their name in the past constantly. There were also fellow teachers who claimed that they instantly apologize after they misspell a student’s name and make sure they don’t make the same mistake again. It’s basic decency. Have a look:

Have you ever had such an experience?

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