Indian Women On Reddit Share The Struggles Of Being A ‘Married Working Woman’

As a woman living in India, I would say that times are changing from what our moms and ancestors had to face back in the day.

While women are finally living the life of their dreams and following their passion, not everyone is privileged enough to have a supporting family that gives equal importance to their career as their male counterparts.

Some must think women have superpowers that help them juggle their professional and personal lives. But only a married working woman knows how challenging it is.

With most of us working from home, it has become even more difficult to focus on work when you have to cook and clean, attend to guests, cater to everyone’s needs while taking office calls, and trying to achieve the target.

A Reddit user shared the struggles a married working Indian woman faces.

There is nothing wrong with my life. Everything is fine , i just want to share my story . I have been feeling very anxious since 2-3 months now. I work in second shift 12-9 pm and live with my in laws. We have maid who takes care of utensils and cleaning but still there is so much work at home. My mil always keeps on taunting me about cleanliness and stuff. She doesn’t take my job that seriously and job is also bad. I started at a new place 6 months back ever since i joined i don’t feel like showing up to work (btw i am wfh) . I am getting frustrated , i don’t get time for myself , whenever i am free i jjust sleep and no exercise no sunlight . All i find myself doing is cooking food day and night because my in laws are old and tehy have medical condition so i need to look after them or working (which i don’t do much these days) i just don’t feel like it seriously . idk is it just me or is it normal.

On reading about her plight, several of them shared their stories too.

Share chores with husband, a lot of them suggested.

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A man’s view.

The solution.

Attaining a work-life balance isn’t easy. You get no time for yourself which often leads to people burning themselves out. A supporting family is what everyone needs.

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