Confident To Financially Secure, People Share What A ‘Strong & Independent Woman’ Means To Them

Strong and independent women never give up. They stand their ground on matters important to them, manage their finances, work on realizing their dreams, and are unapologetic for being their true self. Some would also think they are arrogant, selfish, and highly opinionated.

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Different people would have a different perception of a strong and independent woman. Hence, curious to know what the phrase “a strong and independent woman” means to diverse people on social media, a user posed this question:

"A strong and independent women" most likely means something different to each person. What is your definition of it ? from AskWomen

And within hours, people online shared their viewpoints.

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Financially independent.

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 Independent of people.

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Takes care of herself in every way.

Having control over their lives.

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A good example.

She can be a grandma, a homemaker, a working mom, or a single woman living her life on her terms. The moment we think we are strong and can take a mountain head-on, our profession, age, financial stability, and physical health doesn’t matter. It’s all in the attitude. What do you think?

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