This Pop-Up Store For The Poor Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

In India, we’ve got a great divide between the rich and the poor. The fortunate among us have a disposable income that is more than sufficient. At the same time, the less fortunate don’t have enough to satisfy even their basic needs. Many of us do make an effort to donate our excess income to help the poor. However, at times, our donations are not given to the poor with the dignity they deserve.

That’s where initiatives like ‘The Street Store’ take centre stage.

‘The Street Store’ is a first-of-its-kind rent-free, premises-free store where we can donate clothing and shoes that we don’t need anymore. The needy can then pick these up on a designated date.

The primary focus of the initiative is to give a dignified shopping experience to the poor and provide a platform where these beneficiaries do not feel like beggars.


Most recently, ‘The Street Store’ was set up in the Sion-Dharavi, T-Junction area of Mumbai with a view to provide clothes for several poor people in the local area.

And the people of Mumbai donated in large numbers.


The donation drive was conducted across the city spanning shopping malls, colleges and corporate offices, and collected over 2600 articles of clothing and footwear.

This certainly speaks volumes about the unconditional kindness in our society.


‘The Street Store’ was set up with all the donated articles. By the end of the day, the donations managed to put a smile on over a 1000 faces!

It was a marvellous initiative which gave back to the poor the dignity that they deserve.

‘The Street Store’ initiative is a wonderful ray of hope for all those going through dark times. It made sure that clothing, one of our most basic human needs, was readily available to the poorest among us. 

Hosted by IDBI Federal Life Insurance, the initiative has certainly restored my faith in humanity.

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