India’s Largest Street Collab With 36 Dancers, 8 Rappers, And 7 Artists Is Coming Soon. Watch The Trailer!


India is obsessed with Bollywood and everything it brings along. Be it the charm of the silver screen or the larger-than-life characters we see on the celluloid, there is hardly anyone who is not a cine-goer.

But while the movie-mania has been around for years, it is time you know about the nerve of the new, modern India. The India that is not bound by 70mm and the India that has just begun to leap beyond it. Let me rephrase that; there is a new artist around the block and the rise is meteoric. And believe me when I say this, it is booming right here, on our streets, amidst all the hustles and bustle.

If you’re expecting a name, you’re in for a treat because the aforementioned artist is the collective soul of as many as 36 Dancers, 8 Rappers, 7 Artists and more who are coming together for India’s largest, one-of-a-kind street collaboration- Suede Gully! 


That’s right, a street fest, a creative collective that will bring out the artists hailing from 4
different and unlikely corners of the country: Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai and Shillong. And they are promising a spectacle where art meets rebellion, culture meets swag and music meets colour.

If that is bland for you, hear this, a Suede Gully anthem is on the cards that will bring the best of all the worlds. The synergy will be brought together by various artists including, a few of your favourites. Wanna meet them? 

1. Mukti Mohan

Mukti Mohan stars in this video along with real and raw dance crews such as Unity Crew, Unity One, Black Ice Crew and Flying Machine.

2. Divine

An artist bred by the streets of Mumbai, the rapper collaborates with hip-hop artists like Prabhdeep, Khasi Bloodz and Madurai Souljour – each contributing to this anthem in Hindi, Punjabi, Khasi, and Tamil respectively.

3. Shilo Shiv Suleiman

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An exemplary illustrator, Shilo Shiv Suleiman will bring to you larger than life art creations by artists like Anpu and Baadal Nanjundaswamy.

Not just that, raw and emerging graffiti designers like Zake, and The Indian Artist are gearing up to take over your gullies and bring you all that the collective has to offer (cue: enthralling performances).

After watching the trailer all I can say is, where can I sign up? Btw, the video’s releasing on 5th Nov. So keep watching this space for more.

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