This Video Of Stray Dogs Getting Their First Hugs Will Show You Even They Need To Be Loved

The love emanating from our four-legged best friends is pure and extremely unconditional. And, they love it when that’s reciprocated in equal or more quantities to them. While adopted dogs or pets receive dollops of love, the ones on the streets are mistreated, shooed away, hit at or never touched, leave alone loved.

But this video where stray dogs receive their first hugs and adulation by this young boy is seriously heart-melting. The way the open up to the love is such an endearing feeling. Uploaded by M Panu as part of The First Hug Campaign, this adorable video is taking our hearts away. All we wanna do next is go hug or pet the next stray dog we see. After all, dogs needs to be adored, irrespective of the fact that they live on the street or inside our homes.