Stranger Pays For Diapers After Expecting Family Accidentally Adds Him To Group Chat

Isn’t it super embarrassing to send the wrong person the wrong text, or to add the wrong person in your close circle’s WhatsApp group? A very similar thing happened to an expecting family but as it turns out, it worked in their favour!

According to a report by Mirror Online, a stranger was added to the group chat of a family who was expecting a new member. As the father-to-be was posting pictures of his wife in the labour room, all prepared to pop, the stranger posted a picture of himself giving a heads-up to the family!

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Posting a picture of himself sipping from a bottle, the stranger said, “Don’t know how I got added to this group cause I don’t think I know anyone in it! LOL But anywho CONGRATS ZACH (father-to-be)!”

And then the stranger went on to do the cutest thing. He introduced himself and offered to pay for the diapers!

“My name is Bobby, by the way, shoot me your cashapp info and I will donate to the diapers,” he said.

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It was discovered that Bobby had inherited Zach’s number and was therefore added accidentally by his grandmother on to the family group chat.

When the family apologised and tried to wave off the stranger’s offer, he insisted saying that they can never have enough diapers now that the baby is coming! He then went on to send some money to the new parents.

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Zach later posted screenshots of their chat on Facebook and wrote, “So unexpected, but people are good. Thank you Bobby!”

So unexpected, but people are good. Thank you Bobby!**UPDATE**We cannot thank you guys enough! May God bless you all, especially Bobby and his Family! So much love❤️

Posted by Zachary Garrett on Sunday, October 27, 2019

Speaking to sources about the incident, Zach said, “When we first heard from him I was a little embarrassed that I and my grandmother were talking away with him stuck in our group chat, but his selfie brought so much humour to the situation. We all had a good laugh! Bobby could have been really rude or told us to take him out of our chat but he didn’t. He was so nice about it!”

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This stranger surely has a heart of gold!

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