13 Weirdest Sandwiches Around The World That’ll Make You Wonder Where Humans Went Wrong


The word comes from a place of the same name ruled by a Monarch who was very fond of chess, so to save the time spent on eating and invest it in the game instead, he’d stuff something between two slices of bread and hence the sandwich was born.

There’s ample scope of being creative about putting something between the buns and we humans have aced the game of being weird.

Here are a few exhibits.

1. The Luther Burger

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Yup! That’s a donut. 😛


2. The Lasandwich

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Cold lasagna between plain slices of bread. Why god why?


3. The TastyKake Sandwich

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Choco-dipped buns and a cheeseburger patty. How does it sound to you?


4. The Candwich

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Preparing for the zombie apocalypse, are we?


5. The Rubik’s Cubewich

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Solve me this puzzle.


7. Hand Sandwich

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A handful of sandwich for sure!


8. Pigeon and worm burger

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Yeah, like that’s what you wanna eat.


9. Burger ice cream / Ice cream burger

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If worms weren’t enough in a burger, in God’s good world!


10. Chip Butty

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Fries in a bun. Great! Even better if they’re sweet.


10. Yakisoba-pan

Image source

Noodles and sandwich should’ve been enemies!


11. The Ramen Burger

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When you get bored with the bread.


12. The Chicken & Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

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Ice cream, cookies and chicken. The triple C of doom!


13.Fried – brain sandwich

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Wanna eat a calf’s fried brain?!

What happened when we were evolving?

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