Writing Letters To Waiting For 12 Hrs, Start-Up Co-Founder Narrates Story Of Meeting Ratan Tata

Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata is looked up to by scores of entrepreneurs who want to make their business idea reach great heights. Hence, an opportunity to meet this visionary would be like a dream coming true to them.


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Recently, Aditi Bhosale Walunj, co-founder of Repos, a Pune-based mobile energy distribution startup, was able to realize this dream.

Taking to LinkedIn, Aditi penned a lengthy post on how she along with her partner Chetan Walunj had an extraordinary experience meeting Tata.

“Our encounter with Ratan Tata sir was not a normal one. It’s a Hausla Junoon Story. Started with what I learned from Sadhguru-“Your vision must be always larger than you and beyond I, Me & Myself”.
Chetan & me really took this by heart & started our Repos journey a few years ago. And we both decided we need a mentor who has done something for a larger good beyond “I Me and Myself”. And without any doubt, we both had one name that is Ratan Tata Sir.
And I casually told Chetan: “Chal miltey Hai” (let’s go and meet?)
Chetan’s reaction (confused): “Aditi he is not my neighbour that you are saying let’s meet”
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And with a positive mind, the duo left for Mumbai hoping to meet their idol.

“We both have no formal business education but we learned one thing very early in our lives “An excuse towards anything is a foundation which one builds a house of failure”. Everyone told us you cannot meet him and it was impossible. We dint use this as an excuse.
NO was never an option and we got up and left for Mumbai.
We made a 3D presentation of how we wanted to change the energy distribution and deliver any energy/fuel to the last mile using technology.”

From writing letters to him, to waiting for 12 hours outside his house, they did everything in their capacity to meet the philanthropist. Then came a life-changing call.

“We sent handwritten letters to him, reached out to some right people and waited for 12 hours outside his house & finally when we went back to our room at 10 pm we got a call. I was reluctant to answer but when I answered the voice, on the other hand, said, “Hi! Can I speak to Aditi?”
I said: “Yes. May I know who is this? (Somewhere my heart knew it)
He said “This is Ratan Tata here. I got your letter. Can we meet?”
Me : *Numb* *Goosebumps* *tears rolling down* *smiling* (ALIVE)”
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It was time to see Tata for real. This is how their meeting went.

“Next day we reached at 10.45 am at his house and were waiting for him in the living room with our presentation. And sharp at 11 am a tall, fair person with a blue shirt walked towards us. And it felt like SILENCE.” That meeting at 11 am went up to 2 pm and those 3 hours were sheer mediation for us where he heard our idea, shared his experiences, and guided us.

Ratan Tata Sir asked, “What do you expect from me?”
We said “Sir, help us serve people and take our country global. Guide us”
He said “Okay”

We stepped out of his house like we were walking out of the temple.”

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The meeting went wonderfully for the founders. They even got the required funding and were also backed by Tata and his team.

“Post that Repos is where it is today because of HIM. From TATA motors helping us, to Ratan Tata sir conversations on the phone, to showing him our first Mobile Fuel Station to him giving his insights, to having some amazing conversations over coffee to receiving sir’s first token investment in 2019 and to now receiving another round in April 2022. (Wasn’t possible without his whole team and esp Shantanu Naidu, who has been an angel in disguise for us) .
It is not a fairy tale but something I want to tell all of you’ll who are dreaming to change something because on my journey I have learned a lot & one of them is:
“With a powerful purpose, right intent, right energies, and being High on life and giving your 1000% every day the universe will work for you.””

People online were moved by the inspiring story of their ‘Hausla’ and ‘Junoon’.

Earlier, a man also narrated how Ratan Tata helped his start-up. A man who not only is excelling in his venture but also teaching and investing in the dreams of the next-gen entrepreneurs.

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