This Video By Fastrack Is The Story Of Every Millennial Out There And It’s Real AF!

We, The Millennials. Sounds like the title of a reality show, doesn’t it? But then again, the life of a millennial is pretty much like one, if you think about it. There’s drama, thrill, action, comedy, and tragedy as any reality show would have. And the biggest similarity? Everything you see ‘on screen’ is scripted! Well, mostly everything.

Welcome to the world of filter-applied selfies, emoji-laden comments, and hashtag-encrypted status updates that is the life of every millennial ever!

But don’t be fooled by what you see on-screen, i.e. on social media. In real life, it’s probably fake. Or do you really believe that every girl has that absolutely flawless look in her just-out-of-bed morning selfie? Or that every guy on the dating app who says ‘no hook-ups; looking for something serious’ actually means it?

Just like that #foodporn picture on Instagram that’s been strategically arranged to catch the right light, or that carefully copied #wanderlust quote accompanying a holiday picture, some major effort has gone into making the final product that you see on your phone screen look absolutely perfect! All for the sake of a few likes, shares and loads of instant gratification!

But dear millennial, is that what you want the story of your life to be? All fake? More, importantly, is all that faking even getting you any ‘real’ happiness? Well, Fastrack’s latest campaign video is asking exactly these questions… and answering them too! Have a dekko-

Did this video make you go all “Dude, that makes sense!”? IKR!

The newest idealogy of Fastrack, a brand that has been upping the ante when it comes to defining the youth, is all about what we, the millennials, really need to do—Shut The Fake Up!

Believe me when I say this, our lives our pretty awesome the way they are. So why not broadcast that on our social media profiles instead of faking it? Let’s just make you, the real you, interesting AF!

Every product in Fastrack’s latest collection is a conversation starter—be it the kickass watches, the cool shades, the trendy wallets or other accessories! Put’em on and you won’t just be sporting these, but also all the confidence you need to be unabashedly you! And isn’t #confidence #sexy? And remember, real attracts real!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep it real and…