Indians On Twitter Share Touching Stories Of Strangers Saving Their Lives & Helping Them

Your biggest fan is a stranger and your biggest hater is someone you know.

Sometimes the warmest of words and the kindest of actions are those that come from people who are unknown to you. Whenever you are in trouble and need help, you will always find random people by your side who are godsends. Take Rishabh Pant’s accident for example. Two strangers, who didn’t even know he was a famous cricketer playing for the national team, rescued Pant when his car caught fire after suffering an accident.

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Having said that, Parminder Singh, who is the ex-MD of Google, took to Twitter to share how a stranger saved his life when he was a kid. The stranger saved him from getting crushed by a car that was reversing. After sharing the story, he asked others to share similar experiences as well.

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Soon, there was a flood of tweets by people sharing stories of how the kindest strangers saved their lives or helped them in a way that they will always be grateful for.

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From saving them from road accidents to urgently taking them to the hospital when needed, here are some of the best stories from the Twitter thread:

A lot of us might suffer from loneliness. But this goes on to prove that we are never really ‘alone’ in this world. There will always be someone who will take us out of trouble, save our lives, or help us when most needed.

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