New York Grocery Store Gives Items For Free To Customers Who Can Solve Easy Math Problems

For many of us, the real enemy in school wasn’t the mean kid who used to bully us or the teacher who made life difficult for us. The real enemy was maths, and god did we hate it! However, in one New York store, maths is our friend. Here’s why.

According to a report by India Today, New York’s Lucky Candy Store customers get to take home items for free if they are able to quickly answer simple math problems. The cashier, 20-year old Ahmed Alwan, gets to be the one asking the questions and they are as easy as ‘What is 5×5?’. The customers are given a window of 5 seconds in which they can grab as many items as they can.

Speaking to CNN, Alwan revealed that this fun exercise is his way of giving back to society. It has been 2 weeks since he has been playing this game and it is almost always people from low-income groups he plays it with.

Alwan pays for all the things he gives out for free. He revealed that it is his way of helping the low-income community to save money for other important things like rent.

Speaking to CNN, Alwan said, “All I wanted to do was to help people. But I wanted to make it fun. So I made a TikTok and chose a challenge, asking them a math question. It’s a way to entertain and educate people in need while putting a smile on their face, too.”

Ahmed Alwan’s Instagram account is filled with videos of him playing the math game with his customers. He asks questions like, “You have 10 apples. Minus 4 oranges. How many apples does that leave you with?”, (11×11) – 20, “What goes up but never comes down?”, etc.

If they answer correctly, Ahmed gives them 5 seconds to pick up whichever items they want. Most times, he stretches the given time to help them pick up more things!

Have a look at the videos here:

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What a beautiful and fun way to give back to society!

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