This Website Allows You To Send Stinky Poop To Your Enemies Anonymously, No Kidding!

Revenge is sweet. And there is a website which helps you plan it in the most hilarious way possible. Yes, actually. For all those people who are falling short of ideas to taunt your enemy, this online portal comes as a boon.

Going by the name of, the website allows you to send stinky poops to people you don’t like! And guess what? They will do it while keeping your identity a secret. Wow.

You would also get a hint of it if you go through the bio which reads,

“We will ship your friend, or enemy, a healthy heap of some of the nastiest, stinkiest, fresh poop packages that anyone has ever seen.”

We will NOT let them know who sent it!

That’s not all. You can even choose the perfect gift for your foe from a variety of poops! See for yourself.

Much to your joy, the poop isn’t the only thing that they will deliver. The surprise gift will also carry a hilarious business card to rub salt into the wounds.

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And just in case you are unable to figure out whom you want to jolt with, they also have a list to help you out.

After almost 25 years of living, I have finally found what I have been looking for. Thanks, guys.

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