99.3% Cut-Off For Admission To Delhi College Sparks Debate On Education Online


There’s no denying the fact that Class 12 students face a lot of stress while taking board examinations. A contributor to that stress is the high cut-offs by colleges for admission to undergraduate courses.

Journalist Shiv Aroor recently shared a news snippet detailing cut-offs of St Stephen’s College, Delhi University for the BA (Hons) Economics course which are 99.3%, 98% and 98.8% for Commerce, Science and Humanities students respectively. Apart from this overall score, students seeking admission are required to have 95% in Mathematics as well.

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People on Twitter said that this will affect the mental health of both parents and applicants. A few believed that it would also encourage more rote learning and mugging of syllabus rather than focusing on actual learning. Others wondered what would become of average students who couldn’t score such high marks.

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What’s your take on these sky-high cut-offs? Do they act as motivators for students or induce unnecessary stress?

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