Stephen Fry Spotted An “Adarsh Balak” Poster In His Doctor’s Office, Desi People Can Totally Relate

Remember how we were in school and used to get a daily dose of how to behave correctly? Everything from our talk to walk was judged and corrected.

You’d think that times have changed, but what if we told you that they really HAVE NOT?

British comedian and author Stephen Fry took a visit to his doctor’s office recently and to his surprise discovered an ‘Adarsh Balak’ poster inside.

The poster dictates the good habits of an “ideal boy” and will take you back to the memory lane you wish hadn’t existed!

That wasn’t it. He also discovered a poster of “bad habits”.

As soon as Fry posted these online, Twitter just couldn’t keep calm!

Someone found an updated version of the “ideal boy” who avoids bacon on Fridays and chooses to buy shower gels over books.

Twitter was obviously waiting for the female version of the poster!

The “bad girl” pouts, smokes and drinks, eats too much (?!), has breasts (what?), walks outside with her hair open, eats to less, falls in love in a park, and other things which are going to make you cringe!

These posters are designed by the publishing company Indian Book Depot Map House and they also have a newly released “An Ideal Girl” poster.

This is not the kind of Monday motivation we asked for.

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