Staying At Home Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Help Those In Need, Here Are 9 People Showing The Way

There is no denying the fact that these are tough times. Amidst all the uncertainty, the most responsible thing we can do is to stay indoors. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot show kindness or act selflessly. In fact, we absolutely should because we are all in this together.

That begs the question though, is it possible to help others remotely? Yes, of course, it is! Here are some heroes (without capes) who will inspire you to #HangUpYourKeys but not your boots.

1. Aishwarya S from Bengaluru

Aishwarya is helping senior citizens in her city by buying groceries and medicines for them and dropping them off outside their homes on her bike.

2. Abdul Khader from Kerala

This retired 60-year-old is providing shelter to 131 migrant workers and spending his own money on their food because he believes “the best thing money can do is satiate the hunger of a person.”

3. Suraj, Namatrita, Rana and Tamchos

Mumbai-based Suraj Yadav is collecting donations and preparing relief kits for the poor. Co-founder of Bhor Foundation Namatrita Kathait is organizing virtual mental health support group sessions. Rana Pratap Bhattacharya is running errands for the elderly living by themselves. Tamchos Gurmet from Ladakh has designed an ‘infection-free tap’ for medical workers. Their stories are being shared by Castrol to motivate many others to come forward and lend a hand to someone in need.

4. Kids across India

7-year-old Rommel Lalmuansanga from Mizoram donated his entire piggybank savings of Rs. 333 to his village task force while Zaid, Moin, and Amen from Ahmedabad made a contribution of Rs. 5,500 to Ahmedabad Police.

5. Monami Dutta from Delhi

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Armed with a feeder pass, Monami wakes up at 5 am, cooks chicken, rice and feeds over 150 stray dogs in Kalkaji and along the stretch from DND flyover to Mayur Vihar Phase I. She also stops at a gaushala which is giving shelter to 55 puppies.

6. Siddharth Sharma and Vaibhav Jain from IIT Roorkee

These research scholars along with their team made 1500 bottles of herbal hand sanitizer to be distributed without charge to people at their campus.

7. Young Indians, Tirupur

Young Indians teamed up with District Collector K. Vijayakarthikeyan to install a ‘disinfection tunnel’ in Uzhavar Santhai (farmer’s market) in Tamil Nadu. The nozzles in the tunnel spray disinfectant on vendors as well as customers entering the market.

8. Judge K. Sai Rama Devi from Sangareddy

Moved by the plight of migrant earners walking home, this District Principal and Sessions Judge is offering them free lunch within court premises and also arranging transportation.

9. Volunteers of Goa Sikh Youth

Sartaj Gill, Karan Singh, and many others are preparing hot meals for ‘Langar Seva’ ensuring that no one goes hungry in Goa.

All of these good Samaritans are using their time in a meaningful manner to help the community at large and that is how we know that better days are coming!

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