“You Had To Be Boyfriend-Free & Virgin”: Pooja Bedi On What It’s Like Starting Out In B-Town

Women across industries have often spoken of being held to a higher standard at the workplace than what is expected of the opposite sex. Actress Pooja Bedi speaks of similar circumstances in the entertainment industry. She compares Bollywood today with what it was like when she was a newcomer.

TOI reports Pooja saying, “Actresses nowadays have a lot of freedom in their personal life. In today’s day and age, it is not necessary for an actor to be projected a certain way.”

“In my time, things were so different! You had to be boyfriend-free, a virgin, and unmarried. Today, every single human is entitled to have a personal life,” she continues.

Speaking about how times have changed today, she shared, “Kareena Kapoor Khan is doing well even after marriage. So, I would say, there’s been a sea change in the industry and it has happened because the mentality of the audience has changed dramatically, thanks to social media.”

Voicing her take on nepotism, she said, “When I decided to get into films, it was natural that people would lash out. They feel a sense of unfairness. At the end of the day, you can’t stop somebody from pursuing their dreams, just because they happen to be in the same family. Taking over the father’s business is natural.

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“I’ll say that there’s equal opportunity for everyone. You have to go and audition, my daughter knows how many auditions she had to go for, and how many rejections she faced. She got it all on her own merit. I have to audition to get a role in ‘Masaba Masaba’,” she added.

She further elaborates, “But that doesn’t mean that anybody will cast someone because there’s somebody’s child. A lot of outsiders are being given those opportunities, and I think it’s fantastic.”

Speaking of motherhood, the mother of two, says, “As a single mother, I had to play many roles–father, friend, hero, villain–but it has been an incredible journey. I will give everything to my child, but I will never force them to be my slaves,” she signs off.

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