Peeps Have Muft Tips On How To Start This New Year And We Have HIGH Regards For This Service!

The internet is a funny place, sort of like an echo spot. One person says something funny once and it instantly begins to echo from everywhere. The best example to explain what I’m trying to say is the short-lived trends of memes that go viral.

Remember the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme?

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Well, you get the point, right?

Now the netizens are losing their minds coming up with fun tips on how to kickstart 2018, as we inch closer to New Year’s Eve.

The moment the clock strikes 12 on 31st December is definitely a special moment (although slightly over-rated), but special nonetheless. It could be a New Year’s kiss or just an epiphany. Whatever makes you happy about starting a new year.

The now-viral trend started when someone tweeted this.

And so it began. We’ve compiled some of the best and funniest tips on how to start 2018 on the ‘right note’, IYKWIM.

1. That’s something no one ever thought of…

2. NOBODY listen to this guy.

3. Sounds gooooooood!

4. DO NOT DO THIS, boys! Unless you’d rather spend the evening home fussing over which heels your girl must wear.

5. That’s quite dark, like the NYE night will be.

6. You left the faucet on FOR A YEAR?

7. Not sure what to make of this invaluable piece of information…

8. That’s great advising, Devin. (NOT)

9. You can still look Perfect though.

Happy holidays, everyone! ❤️

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10. This sounds like something I would do.

11. Win you will, this year!

12. It will surely be your year, my friend.

However you decide to start your new year, whether by listening to a particular song or with a particular resolution, just know, that 2018 will be a great year, if only you make it great.

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