Starbucks Sells Filter Coffee For ₹290+Taxes When You Get It For ₹20 In Local Joints

Isn’t it annoying to find something being sold for an extravagant price when it can be purchased for way less? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s an example: think about samosas in airports and how much you have to pay for it? Maybe you’ll get it for Rs 10 in a roadside food joint, but at the airport it costs Rs 150 to Rs 200 or even more!

Similarly, Starbucks is selling filter coffee for a whopping Rs 290, exclusive of taxes. A picture of a Starbucks standee notifying coffee lovers about the price was shared on Twitter by a user named Adithya Venkatesan.

In the standee, we see an ‘ajji’ (‘grandmother in Kannada) approving of the filter coffee to a guy named Shivvu and Adithya writes, “Dear Starbucks, there’s literally no ajji in god’s green earth who’ll approve a filter coffee for Rs 290 + taxes.”

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In Bangalore, if you go to any local food joint, you’ll find filter coffee being sold for Rs 15 a cup. For the same price as Starbucks, you’ll be able to buy 500 grams of filter coffee which you can make at home every day for one whole month. So people online called out the ridiculousness of the pricing on Twitter. Have a look:

Kya din aa gaye hai!

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