Star Wars: Aakhri Yoddha Trailer Is Basically Mahabharata 2.0. Weirdly Enough, It Makes Sense!

I still remember the first time I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Hindi. Just to be clear, it wasn’t by choice. I was forced to endure the torture that was the Hindi substitutes for angrezi spells. But eventually, I warmed up to it, because let’s face it—the Hindi dubbed versions are HILARIOUS AF (Remember Baywatch?) And the latest to jump on this bandwagon is Star Wars!

Yes, believe your eyes, ears and every other sense that wants to reject this notion because it’s true!

The latest offering of the epic sci-fi saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is up for a 15th December release and they’ve just launched a Hindi trailer for it! And… umm… we don’t really know how to react!

Because at one point, this happens:

Also, Disney totally did its homework on desi sensitivities and what the best way was to get every Indian to watch the movie. Why, you ask, am I saying this? Because—brace yourselves—the background music is a Bhagvad Gita shloka!

No, I’m not even kidding! One of the most popular Bhagvad Gita shlokas that your grandparents proudly sang along to when the title track of B R Chopra’s Mahabharata played on TV gets a feature here! In Star freakin’ Wars!

Folks, I think it’s time. R U EXCITES FOR Aakhri Yoddha?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably survived the onslaught of mythological drama on your senses that was this trailer.

And if you’re thinking that this trailer gives you major ‘Mahabharata-meets-satsang-meets-Ekta Kapoor’s K serial’ feels, then you’re not alone!

Here’s what everyone thought!

1. Cringe hai par mera hai!

2. Well, when you put it like that!

3. Can we also have Darth Vader come back to say, “Luke, Main tera baap hoon!

4. Right you are so! Makes sense this does!

5. Kids watch with subtitles. Adults watch without subtitles. But…

6. Kaafi national!

7. Up next: Bhojpuri trailer!

If you’re a Star Wars wookie as I am, you’ll probably watch it a couple of times more. But here’s the thing, I am an Indian mythology buff too. And you know what, when you think about it, the whole Bhagvad Gita shloka makes so much sense!

No seriously, think! Just like Mahabharata was a saga of two warring families that engulfed almost all of India, Star Wars too revolves around the Solo-Skywalker family adventures that pretty much have the whole universe affected!

And isn’t Star Wars too the quintessential tale of Good v/s Evil, with the Jedi order being the good guys and the Sith Lords being the evil side?

Whoa! Mind = blown

Okay, Star Wars! You have me convinced. I’ll probably watch the OG English one first and then check out this desi treat! I swear though, if there’s an item song in there…