The High Cut-Off For St. Stephens Is Breaking Records & Making Internet Trolls Go Crazy

Setting new benchmarks in their cut-off every year, University of Delhi’s St Stephen College released its first cut-off list. As per the list, to get a seat in the English honours programme, applicants need to have scored at least 99 per cent marks in the commerce stream in their Class XII.

From the total of 32,100 applicants who have applied for the program, only 400 will given admission based on the released cut-off.
The cut-off list goes as follows:

For Economics, the cut-off is at 98.50 per cent for Commerce, 97.50 per cent for Science and 97 percent for Humanities. For History, BA Pass, Mathematics, Sanskrit and Philosophy, the cut-offs are 98, 96.50, 97.25, 75 and 96.75 percent, respectively.

This premier institute with reputed alumni like Shashi Tharoor, Konkana Sen Sharma and Amitav Ghosh faces high competition every year. During the last session cut-offs for English and Economics were the highest at 97.25 for science students, 98 for commerce students and 97 percent for humanities.

The saga doesn’t end here. A separate cut-off list has also been issued for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (non-Christian), Christian Scheduled Tribes, Church of North India (CNI), CNI Delhi Diocese, Other Christians, Christian Person with Disability, Person with Disability for some particular subjects, and for Urdu students.

This has led to a widespread mockery of St Stephen college on social media. Tweets mocking the cut-off has been pretty common ever since the news came out.

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By the way, the spokesperson of St Stephen College has reportedly quoted, “We find ourselves in such a situation every year that due to the style of marking by CBSE and other boards we have to hike our cut-offs. We believe that the boards should work on their marking indicators so that the scores are more realistic.”

While aspiring students are crying their heart out as to why they watched porn and didn’t study to get 99%, parents across India are rejoicing because this should act as motivation enough for their kids to study harder, kill all their hobbies and put their nerd glasses on.

Well done, St. Stephens! We needed more Uday Chopra look-alikes.

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